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3 Ways to Make Peace With Your Birth Story When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

Dealing With Unplanned C-Sections

Making Peace With Your Birth Story This is a very personal story of how I made peace with the guilt and disappointment of my labor and delivery that did not go according to my plans.  It was featured on Blog and the Baby. Like most women, I had this ideal labor and delivery in my […]

Those Days You Wished Starbucks Delivered


I finally got a work groove. My thoughts, creativity and process are all in sync.  Full throttle world domination is underway.  I look up its 3 o’ clock in the morning. That can’t be right.  I blame the time change.  I’m going to bed! Before I get in the bed I check on my Prince. […]

Having a Successful Business Meeting with A Baby

Taking Your Baby To Your Next Business Meeting

Taking your baby to your business meeting is unprofessional. That’s what my husband thought before his brief stint as a work at home dad. As a hippie I believe the opposite is true. I would take my baby everywhere if I could. But honestly and realistically, as an entrepreneur sometimes there’s just no way around […]

Spilled Milk

The person who came up with the saying “No need crying over spilled milk” was the mother of a toddler. I’m convinced.  There are so many milk spills and mishaps. And they don’t begin to smell until days later. Spilled milk is a reminder that you learn as you go. 3 of my spilled milk […]

I Want My Husband To Quit His Job


I want my husband to quit his job. Before you start hear me out. I am fully aware of the economic times we’re in. I certainly don’t take it for granted that my husband is gainfully employed with full benefits. He makes a nice living for our family of three. I appreciate that he even […]